Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Killswitch Engage’s New Album

Being the band that helped get me back into metal in general, Killswitch Engage holds a special place in my heart. MTV and a few other news sites have done interviews and spoke to some of the band members about the new album. So far, the new album “As Daylight Dies” is said to be more of a band collaboration between the band members this time, similar to the first two Killswitch Engage albums, self-titled and “Alive Or Just Breathing”, and unlike their third release “The End Of Heartache”.

I, as well as many other people feel that “Alive Or Just Breathing” is a modern classic. To my ears, I had always heard much more of an 80's thrash sound to that album, but many other people make comparisons to In Flames (I don’t hear that influence myself).

I thought “The End Of Heartache” was a decent album, though spread a bit thin. It seemed to me as though they had been trying out some other well-used metalcore ideas from other bands such as some Gothenburg style melodies and a hinting of Meshuggah in a few places.

We’ll have to see what’s in store for “As Daylight Dies”. Some band members have talking about a southern influence creeping in, such as Crowbar, Eyehategod and Corrosion Of Conformity. That could prove to be entertaining.

Killswitch Engage
Killswitch Engage At Roadrunner Records


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