Wednesday, January 17, 2007

E-Cards Posted Online For Car Bomb, Rwake, The End and Minsk

All the above mentioned bands are Relapse Records alumni, and of course all recommended as Relapse Records deals typically with "art" music. The End it’s a bit closer to myself, as they’re Canadian hailing from Missasauga. I saw them on tour with Dillinger Escape Plan, Read Yellow, and this might be surprising to hear, but Trivium was the opener for that show.

Car Bomb is a band I’ve been familiar with, long before they were signed to Relapse. I first became aware of their music under heavy recommendation from when Car Bomb had a demo reviewed there. A little bit later, I met the guitarist from the band handing out demos outside of the New England Metal and Hardcore festival in 2005. If you can believe it, the guitarist told me that the band was in fact not looking for a record label. Surprising considering the work ethic I had witnessed from the members of Car Bomb. The sampler they gave me was done very well, having a sticker on the front that looked similar to a Cadillac logo with their band name rather then the car name in its place.

Here are the links to those e-cards:

Car Bomb
The End


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