Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Carnal Forge Post Track Listing

This thrash band coming from Sweden has finalized the track list for their sixth album. Carnal Forge has titled the new album “Testify For My Victims” due in May through Candlelight.

Here is the track list for “Testify For My Victims”:

01. Testify For My Victims
02. Burning Eden
03. Numb (The Dead)
04. Godsend Gods End
05. End Game
06. Questions Pertaining The Ownership Of My Mind
07. Freedom By Mutilation
08. Subhuman
09. No Longer Bleeding
10. Biological Waste Matter
11. Lost Legion
12. Ante Mori

Carnal Forge
Carnal Forge At MySpace
Carnal Forge And Candlelight



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