Thursday, February 22, 2007

Band Feature: Gallhammer

I’ve had an interest in Japanese bands for awhile now, but one of the problems with Japanese bands is having their material make it out to the rest of the world (as I hear it, Japanese bands have lots of home-country support).

Gallhammer play an extremely compelling mixture of punk, old-school doom and black metal. As strange as that mixture might sound to some, the end result works out very well. Recently they released somewhat of a “boxed set” that contains a CD full of demos and rehearsals, as well as a DVD of several live shows. This boxed set is called “The Dawn Of...”, and don’t be fooled about the sound quality of those demos, as they seem to nail the sound quality for raw production just right.

“The Dawn Of...” was released in January through Peaceville.

Gallhammer At MySpace
Gallhammer At Peaceville



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