Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Susperia Post Album Art And Samples Online

Susperia is the band formed by former Dimmu Borgir drummer Tjodalv after his departure of the aforementioned band. Susperia has a new album coming up soon through Candlelight in North America and Tabu in Europe called “Cut In Stone”. The artwork for the new album seems to follow some of the same theme from their previous albums. You can view the art here. You can also here samples of “More” here and “The Clone” here.

I consider Susperia a mixture of black metal and thrash, although they stretch things creatively without leaving the realm of metal. The material I’ve heard from Susperia has been above average, as well as many of the reviews I’ve read for their albums making Susperia a highly recommended band with albums that are difficult to obtain in North America.

Susperia At Tabu Records



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