Thursday, May 31, 2007

Band Feature: Inveracity

This bands comes recommended by one of the blog readers, dschalek.

Gory death/grind usually doesn’t get featured here, not because of any predisposition towards the genre (heck, my friends know I’ll listen to just about any kind of intolerable music), it's simply due to the fact that the sites and magazines I usually cruise by don’t feature that much goregrind. The songs I heard on their MySpace page had some very catchy riffs, some with heavy influences from Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse. While the vocals are low, they don’t quite get into death burp territory. Their older material had much rawer production, and of course the lowest of low vocals, hinting that the direction that Inveracity is going in with their modern material shows some progression between albums.

Inveracity released their latest album titled “Extermination Of Millions” earlier this year through Unique Leader. Someone should send a promo copy to Decibel magazine...

I know, the promo pic isn't the prettiest...

Inveracity At MySpace
Inveracity At Metal-Archives
Unique Leader



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