Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Band Feature: Raintime

I was going by The PRP and found out about this band from Italy called Raintime, so I went over to their MySpace page to check out some songs. I have to admit, I haven’t posted many bands that play melodic death metal as part of the band feature section because there haven’t been too many recently, and the ones that have come out have been clones.

While Raintime does fit into the world of melodic death metal, they have a very over the top 80's sound cranked up much heavier standards, with faster drums, heavier guitars, and some harsh vocals. Raintime also sounds similar to more recent In Flames with keyboard work, and sing-along style choruses.

Raintime recently signed a deal with Bieler Bros. to have their new album titled “Flies And Lies” released on August 7 (this is most likely a North American release date). Lifeforce will release the album May 28 in Europe.

Raintime At MySpace
Raintime At Metal-Archives
Raintime At Lifeforce
Bieler Bros.

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