Sunday, June 10, 2007

Band Feature: Slagmaur

I’m probably going to get some internet hatred thrown my way for my musical description of Slagmaur, but I’ll say they play some strange black metal with echoed vocals in the background. The drum machine supporting the whole thing gives it a whole... black metal meets rap feel. Yeah, I can feel the hatred now... but it still sounds interesting.

I’ve read that the band members don’t like doing interviews, get into fights with each other, and try very hard to disguise their faces in promo shots. Their latest album titled “Svin” was released not too long ago, with May being suggested as the release date though Black Hate. It comes as a limited edition digipak limited to 1000 copies, with the first copies coming with a special “church burning” matchbox as a tribute to some other Norwegian black metal bands.

This is one instance where I question how serious the band takes their craft. If Slagmaur of course takes their music seriously, then of course the whole persona is hilarious. At the same time, it almost seems as if they’re attempting to capitalise on some black metal and rock ‘n roll stereotypes, such as the very extreme underground, isolationist attitude, and saying that the band members fight with each other.

Other notes of course are that Slagmaur has Leviathan at the top of their friends list, and of course there’s those promo pics where a band member (I’m guessing General Gribbsphiiser) is wearing a fedora...

Slagmaur At MySpace
Slagmaur At Metal-Archives
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