Saturday, August 12, 2006

Behemoth Preparing New Album

Right now Nergal and his crew are starting the writing process for their new album. Nergal has used all the new album hype when speaking about it, such as heavy, technical, catchy. He also said it’ll be faster, with mid paced and slow songs. While that doesn’t seem to make much sense, what it probably means is that the fast parts will be faster. Considering that drummer Inferno seems to be following the same path as Pete Sandoval in terms of increasing the speed of the drums on every consecutive album, the faster parts could truly be faster. They expect the new album sometime in 2007

I would describe Behemoth as a mixture of black metal and death metal. Some feel that Behemoth has moved away from their black metal roots to become more of a death metal band. I certainly felt that their last album “Demigod” seemed to increase the use of more black metal moments, as well as a few other creative nuances.

I would recommend Behemoth above many in the field of black metal, death metal, or the newly emerging genre that melds the two. I like to call it “The Black/Death” myself because it sounds scary.

Behemoth At Century Media


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