Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shai Hulud Sign With Metal Blade Records

I remember hearing about this rumour a long time ago on

Shai Hulud was one of the founding fathers of modern metalcore, with their first release dating back to 1997. Shai Hulud ranks along with Overcast and Prayer For Cleansing as pioneers in the field of metalcore. Many feel that Prayer For Cleansing is the most important band in creating melodic metalcore. Some of the members of Prayer For Cleansing have moved on to Between The Buried And Me.

It looks as though Metal Blade will become even bigger players in the world of metalcore with this new signing of Shai Hulud, as well as recently signing Job For A Cowboy. Expectations will most certainly be very high for both bands.

Shai Hulud
Metal Blade


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