Monday, August 07, 2006

Slayer “Christ Illusion” Reviews And More

Over at and, there are reviews of the new Slayer album “Christ Illusion”. Also, there’s some footage of interviews and live songs being played on the Henry Rollins show, and you can hear the entire album “Christ Illusion” in very good quality at a special MySpace page.

I will probably obtain “Christ Illusion”, but more than likely it will not get reviewed here at Nile River. There are many other professional reviews who have and will review “Christ Illusion”. “Christ Illusion” will probably sell very well, and many people will form their own opinion about the album.

The recurring theme I’ve been reading from most professional reviewers is “best Slayer album since Seasons In The Abyss”.

Review Of “Christ Illusion” At
Review Of “Christ Illusion” At
Slayer On The Henry Rollins Show
MySpace Page for “Christ Illusion”


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