Saturday, August 05, 2006

With Passion Preparing New Album

Well, I know they’ve been talking about making a new album for awhile now, the guys in With Passion are certainly taking their time about it. Their last album “In The Midst Of Bloodied Soil” was a decently done melodic metalcore album. Some of the things that really stuck out on that album were the high raspy vocals which could draw comparisons to a black metal style rasp. The other thing that caught my attention was the use of keyboards, more specifically piano runs and the like were used, where in most metal bands these days, the keyboards aren’t quite so busy. Unfortunately With Passion seem to be playing without a keyboard player now.

With Passion is looking at an early 2007 release date through Earache Records. Considering how many of the bigger record labels such as Metal Blade, Century Media, Nuclear Blast and even Roadrunner have taken advantage of both metalcore in general, and also the current rise in popularity of other forms of metal that have been around for awhile, it’s surprising to see that Earache doesn’t seem to be working as hard as the other mentioned labels at signing new bands and promoting the current bands they have. Earache used to be one of the big record labels in extreme music, in a way they still are big. It's too bad to see they aren't working as hard at moving forward.

With Passion
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