Thursday, August 03, 2006

Darkest Hour To Have Early Recording Collection Released In October

I wonder how far back they’ll be able to dig for the pre-Victory era Darkest Hour. Darkest Hour has had a lot of splits and eps, and I believe two full lengths before signing to Victory Records. The collection is of course supposed to contain rare recordings, special versions, and songs from hard to get releases. Looking at Darkest Hours back catalogue, digging up all that material should fill two CDs.

In case you haven’t heard Darkest Hour, their sound is based heavily in the melodic death metal vain taking a large influence from At The Gates. The vocals have a hardcore sound to them, as well as having breakdowns within their songs to get the mosh pit stirring, putting them squarely in the realm melodic metalcore. Darkest Hour has been perfecting and playing their craft longer than most (especially the large majority) of melodic metalcore bands. They execute their style very well.

Darkest Hour
Darkest hour At Victory Records


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