Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sybreed Starts Recording New Album

Sybreed hails from Switzerland, and is often described as having industrial and techno influences, as well as influences from Fear Factory and Meshuggah. They’re currently working on a follow up to their debut album “Slave Design”. Dirk Verbeuren who is currently playing drums for Scarve and Soilwork, and who has done work with Aborted will be doing the drums for Sybreeds new album. Sogs titles so far include "Neurodrive", "Permafrost" and "Technocracy", as well as “Emma Zero” which can be heard at Sybreeds MySpace page found here. The new album will be released through Reality Entertainment.

The track “Bio Active” has also been selected to be used in a Hellboy II trailer, found here (Quicktime Required).

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