Friday, August 04, 2006

Leng Tch’e Post New Streaming Songs Online

The term “leng tch’e” is a form of torture, meaning death by a thousand cuts, which I believe is Japanese. The band Leng Tch’e comes from Belgium could be described as old school grind with good production, some grove, a little bit of southern rock sometimes. The vocal styles range from low barks to high screams, and are sometimes harmonized, and the lyrics can be quite humorous at times. The band classifies this as “Razorgrind”.

The two tracks, which are titled "Confluence of Consumers" and "Self-Pity as a Daily Routine" will be featured on a split with Warscars due in September, and released by Bones Brigade. Those two songs can be found on the Leng Tch’e MySpace page, found here.

Leng Tech’e has also entered the studio to release a follow up to the 2005 release “The Process Of Elimination” which was released on Relapse Records. I thought it was a very good grind album with an injection of some very creative musings. Their new album titled “Marasmus” is being recorded at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg Sweden, will be produced by Fredrik Nordström, and is expected to have a release date in March/April 2007 through Relapse Records.

A message on says “Expect longer songs, more intricate rhythms and lots of more variation than on the previous Leng Tch’e records. Mixing up the roots of the band with a new found mature sound, "Marasmus" will become the band's most varied, catchy and definitely most insane blasting effort.” I must admit, the short length of the songs does take away from the depth, and a few of the songs could be considered out of place. Hopefully this will focus their sound.

Leng Tch’e
Leng Tch’e New At
Leng Tch’e At Relapse Records


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