Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dine Cazares Formerly Of Fear Factory Reveals New Band

I’ve been interested in hearing what Dino’s new project would be since he said he would be teaming up with drummer Tim Yeung. Tim Yeung has drummed for some very fast metal bands in the past, such as Hate Eternal and Decrepit Birth, I believe he’s still participating in Vital Remains currently as well. Tim Yeung also won the “Fastest Feet” award at the last NAMM convention.

So far this project has no title as of yet. The members thus far -
Dino Cazares on guitar who used to play in Fear Factory
Tim Yeung on drums, who’s served time in Hate Eternal and currently drums for Vital Remains
Tommy Vext (of the band Vext) doing lead vocals
Risha Eryavec currently of Decrepit Birth is doing bass

So far rumours give the explanation of this current bands sound as “Soul of a New Machine” era Fear Factory and “Demanufacture” era Fear Factory, but faster and heavier.


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