Monday, September 04, 2006

The Haunted Post New Track Online

The new track can be found at The Haunted’s section at the Century Media website. It comes of their new album “The Dead Eye”, and the song itself is titled “The Medication”.

I enjoy The Haunted very much, but this song comes off as typical material for The Haunted played at a slower pace. I wasn’t quite as entertained by “The Medication” as I had hoped to be. Hopefully the rest of the album will be better, or it could just be me.

I would say that The Haunted is based heavily on 80's thrash cranked up to modern standards of heaviness and speed, with a small atmosphere of metal from Sweden (the homeland of The Haunted) within their sound. I’ve found all their work to be very entertaining.

As a final note, if there’s a wish I’ve had for The Haunted, it’s that they’d have Marco Aro do guest vocals for a song, as I’ve always like the tone of his vocals.

The Haunted
The Haunted At Century Media (the same place you’ll find the new song)


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