Sunday, September 24, 2006

Khanate Breaking Up?

I was just cruising through Encylopeadia Metallum looking at Khanate info, and they’ve got a report that Khanate has announced their breakup on 24 09 2006 (That’s today!), and that they’ll be making a fourth studio album.

Now, I haven’t heard any other info from any other websites, and I’m currently searching very hard for more info about this, so I’m unsure whether or not the info is correct. I personally would hope that Khanate is not breaking up, being one of my favourite modern bands, with a truly unique sound.

In case you’re wondering about the sound of Khanate, most people describe them as an extreme version of doom. They’re probably one of the slowest bands playing, with Alan Dublin throwing high shrieking on top of the mix.

You can find an mp3 of “Skin Coat” from Khanates first release at the Southern Lord Records page.

Khanate At Southern Lord Records
Hydra Head Records


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