Thursday, January 18, 2007

Album Review: Terror - “Always The Hard Way”

Terror has risen above many of their peers as being one of the most popular modern old-school hardcore bands. There are slightly modern touches, the most obvious being the use of breakdowns.

Right from the get go, you can hear the amount of conviction pouring off of Terror. Many of the good old subjects for hardcore bands to be angry about are present, right along with some slight variations. Many of the subjects deal with the hardcore scene, and how the scene has changed in it's quite storied lifetime by now. All the anger seems to be fuelling the top speed of the tempos as well, as these must be some of the fastest old school hardcore songs I’ve heard so far, and they do it without resorting to a steady pulse of bass hits, or blast beats.

The only real questionable track here is the hip hop track “Dibbs And Murs Check In”. Among a collection of well done hardcore songs, the track stands out like a sore thumb.

Normally most people would say that something simply done in such a well executed manner would only appeal to fans of the genre, but I’d wager a guess with all the emotion and intensity coming off Terror that they’ve already won over some new fans.


Terror At MySpace
Terror At Trustkill Records


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