Sunday, January 07, 2007

Vile And Lyrical Progress In Death Metal

Recently Colin Davis made some announcements that he essentially wanted the lyrical content in his band Vile to become positive. Previous lyrical content in Vile has focussed on typically gory subject matter.

I think the first thing I’d like to say is that I do have an understanding of gory subject matter, it’s essentially inspired by horror movies. I have a few Cannibal Corpse albums, and I have great respect for the band, and even their lyrical content. Despite the gory lyrical content, Cannibal Corpse has always been creative about it, often using large words. They do research on certain subjects, such as gaining information on cyanide in the song “Cyanide Assassin”. All that being said, we also must remember that Cannibal Corpse is a genre leader, and a band who has to stay ahead of everyone else in terms of creativity.

One of the huge problems with death metal, has been a lack of progression and creativity. Some of the bigger death metal bands in 1998 such as Dismember and Suffocation reportedly had problems within their scene due to so many generic death metal bands flooding the scene.

I personally am not offended by death metal bands with gore as the subject matter, but rarely am I interested in the subject matter either. Very few gore bands are actually interested in injecting something that different in what they’re doing.

Some of the comments I read from people posting about the announcement that Colin Davis not only talked about looking forward to new lyrical content from Vile, but also a new creative direction as well. While I can’t prove anything, I do theorize that newer metal fans expect more from their death metal than a simple proper execution.

Is death metal truly about being angry? The band Death quickly grew out of typical death metal subject matter. Nile has always had their content focussed on Egypt. Trey Azagthoth from Morbid Angel has been posting on his MySpace page about how happy he’s ben feeling lately. To be honest, I didn’t hear that much anger coming from the latest Hate Eternal album, and many consider it to be Hate Eternal’s best work to date. Metalcore hasn’t always been about anger either, and certain deathcore bands taking influence from their death metal forefathers have had some lyrical content moving very far away from typical death metal subjects.

Not only does Colin Davis from Vile sound as though he wants to take the lyrical content of his band in a new, positive direction, but it sounds as though he’s gained a new passion as well. Perhaps the next Vile album will have the band truly find their voice, and perhaps greater success than they’ve had previously.

The two announcements from Colin Davis were posted on here and here.

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