Monday, December 18, 2006

The Agony Scene Continue Working On New Album

I consider 2003 to be one of the best years in metal. At that time, metalcore was still on the rise. Many of the bands who started playing it sounded vastly different from each other, and it had yet to be plundered.

One band from the earlier days of metalcore is The Agony Scene. I remember picking up their first self-titled album when I was in Austin Texas, and I was quite impressed. I got their follow up “The Darkest Red” which was released by Roadrunner, and it looked like things were going to go well for The Agony Scene, but alas, they did not.

One can speculate and theorize as to why The Agony Scene don’t stand in the same ranks as All That Remains and Bleeding Through (perhaps not enough promotion, or not enough touring?), but they didn’t seem to get enough attention, and were dropped by Roadrunner.

The Agony Scene is now signed to a great record label, Abacus Recordings. While it’s not a huge label, its on the rise, and has some support from Century Media. They’re planning to go to Red Planet Studios sometime soon, and are reported to have around 13 songs ready to go.

Once they get that new album out, I hope they get a lot more, and really good merch, and that they tour they’re butts off!

The Agony Scene

The Agony Scene At MySpace
Abacus Recordings


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