Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Immolation To Start Recording New Album

This long standing New York death metal band will yet again be using Paul Orofino to produce their album.

Production seems to be one of the gripes many people have about certain death metal bands and albums, and I can understand why, as the genre has changed to become much better suited to better recording.

The band point to their last two albums, “Harnessing Ruin” and “Unholy Cult” as what the overall sound will be like for the new album, which I have to say sound like a slight disappointment, as those two albums sound very much alike, while Immolation has had a long career of having their albums sound different, as they’ve made creative progress on each album until they put out “Harnessing Ruin”.

Immolation At MySpace
Immolation At Century Media


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