Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Haunted Post Video Online

A video has been made, and posted for a new song titled “The Flood” off of The Haunted’s new album “The Dead Eye”. You can view it here.

I like The Haunted quite a bit, and I’ve liked all their albums thus far. I’ve had a different feeling for some of the songs I’ve heard from “The Dead Eye” so far though. I heard “The Medication” on their spot on the Century Media website, and it sounds like standard fare from The Haunted, being mid paced, lacking some intensity, generally seeming like it’s a standard The Haunted song that’s been done before.

When I heard the music in the video for “The Flood” I was reminded of In Flames when they began to pursue a more mainstream direction, but without keyboards and effects, and with harsher vocals. The break in the middle of the song sounds like it could be something from Tool. I’m all for experimentation, but sometimes I question the motives of certain artists who experiment with a lighter, sometimes more mainstream sound, or something that’s been done before by lots of other artists.

I haven’t heard every song from “The Dead Eye” so it’s too early to speculate as a whole.

The Haunted
The Haunted At Century Media


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