Monday, October 23, 2006

The Uprising Of “Deathcore”

Cruising through on my daily news reading, I came across yet again a review of another deathcore demo.

I remember a time not too long agin when melodic metalcore had just hit, and started to become big very quickly. With that came a rise of melodic death metal, and a rise in popularity to the bands who’ve inspired them. Of course, with that came a lot of clones, and at the same time, a lot of complaints about there being too much melodic death metal and melodic metalcore.

Many bands can read the writing on the wall, and can see they’re not going to get signed as easily as some small town local bands might think by being completely generic. Certain metalcore fans have turned to death metal as their influence, and of course we’re seeing a huge uprising in the popularity of death metal as well because of this.

I think we’ve been fortunate at this point in time to have not faced the same barrage of deathcore clones as we have melodic metalcore clones, especially since more than a few deathcore bands are still attempting to add some semblance of creativity to this mix.

The time is probably quickly approaching to when we’ll start to find the genre of deathcore getting over-saturated pretty quickly. Considering how death metal in general has already overpopulated the underground and in fact ruined things a little bit for those bands with real passion who want to tour. In fact, Dismember spoke about how the over-saturation around 1998 began to hurt them when touring. Suffocation has also cited the over-saturation of death metal and constant band cloning as a reason for breaking up in 1998.

Next year will be a defining year for deathcore. The Red Chord has already appearing on Ozzfest, deathcore bands such as All Shall Perish or Job For A Cowboy may appear on Ozzfest soon as well. Might we also see some of the influential death metal bands on Ozzfest as well? Obituary unsuccessfully attempted to get on Ozzfest in 2006. Suffocation has spoken about bringing their music to the masses. Morbid Angel is expecting a new album in 2007, considering all the attention around them due to old members joining the band, if they have a new album released just before or during Ozzfest, they might have enough record label support to get on. Cannibal Corpse and Deicide are considered the two biggest bands in death metal, and both of their recent releases have gotten great attention and stellar reviews.

One has to wonder, will popularity mean the death of death metal?


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