Sunday, October 22, 2006

Checkout Counter: Retrogression

Hailing from Finland, this young band seems to have set their hopes high, and might even have the song crafting skills to back it up. The combination of what their splicing together and the fashion they do it seems to be original, the end result is a slight bit derivative, but executed very well.

Retrogression takes some Finnish style thrash with a very heavy powerful guitar sound, some grooving drum beats, with harsh vocals that remind me mostly of a lower version Alexi Laiho from Children Of Bodom. Theirs a hinting of melody going through the guitars every now and then, but most of the guitar work hangs around thrash. The songs from their most recent EP are a journey to the catchy, hooky, emo styled sing along choruses. This band truly merges some of the sound from their fellow Finnish bands with an emo/screamo/metalcore slant.

The end result could be aimed at Trivium fans who miss the harsh vocals, and may want something heavier.

Now, I could go all out and lay a beating on Retrogression, but the execution is done very well, and it’s very catchy. Retrogression could be a band that starts nipping at the heels of some of the more popular emo/screamo/metalcore bands, while providing a gateway to something heavier.

This surprisingly, even with the professional looking website and the good quality of the recording, and writing of their songs, the band appears to be unsigned!



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