Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jared Anderson, Former Bassist/Vocalist For Hate Eternal And Morbid Angel Passes Away

Not too long ago, I started following up on Jared Anderson and his work. I had gained some interest in what he had be doing since I had recently obtained the Hate Eternal album “King Of All Kings”. I noticed that he was near the top of the friends list on the MySpace page for Hate Eternal, and I had a chance to listen to some Internecine songs.

Jared Anderson played guitar, bass and vocals, and composed all the songs for Internecine’s only album “Book Of Lambs”. It featured Tony Laureano and Derek Roddy on drums. Erik Rutan did the production and did some solos on the album as well.

Recently, Jared Anderson had joined with Steve Tucker (formerly of Morbid Angel) to form a death metal band. I was curious as how that band would turn out. Hopefully, an album from the band formed by Steve Tucker and Jared Anderson will see the light of day.

From his interviews he seemed like a really cool guy, and the MySpace pages suggested that Jared still had some connections to Hate Eternal. He will be missed by those of us here at Nile River.

Jared Anderson At MySpace


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