Saturday, October 07, 2006

Checkout Counter: SS Nova

Most Checkout Counter articles here at Nile River are usually just simple recommendations of bands who I think are decent enough to certain fans of a genre. It gets a little difficult sometimes to find a band extremely compelling enough sometimes that is truly hanging on the “undiscovered” side of things, depending on your interpretation of undiscovered.

I don’t have too much info about the band SS Nova so far, all I really know is that they were formed by former members of Scars Of Tomorrow. Considering the huge amount of lineup changes Scars Of Tomorrow has faced, several bands could be formed out of ex-members quite easily.

Those of you who have been around the world of metalcore for a couple of years now who are familiar with Scars Of Tomorrow probably know that many reviews of their albums have never garnered any strong reviews, often being cited as lacking great songwriting skills, and heavily derivitive.

SS Nova surprisingly doesn’t sound like Scars Of Tomorrow, nor do they sound like many of the other metalcore also-rans. It’s difficult to pinpoint the sound they’re creating, but it’s heavy, creative, and strangely compelling. SS Nova starts with some sort of hardcore base, and throws quite a few creative curveballs, especially working those keyboards in very well. It may have an appeal to those interested in those bands that fit with Mastodon, Converge and Isis, although SS Nova isn’t a direct soundalike to those bands.

Very compelling so far, and a definite recommendation.

SS Nova At MySpace
SS Nova At Pinky Ring Records


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