Monday, September 25, 2006

Cynic Reunion

The rumours from Atheist were true, Cynic is going to re-form for some festivals, and possible touring. Considered by many to be pioneers in the world of progressive/experimental death metal, Cynic released only one album all the way back in 1993 titled “Focus”. Cynic has become an influential band in the world of progressive and experimental extreme music, right along with Atheist and Death.

Some reunions have done very well in recent years, such as Suffocation getting back together, Morbid Angel getting some former members back into the fold, and Celtic Frost making (at least in my opinion) a great comeback album. Overcast is re-recording some old songs as well. Although Venom hasn't fared so well...

With reunions like this going on, can we expect At The Gates and Carcass to get back together?

You can find more information about the reunion here.


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