Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Converge Post Preview Tracks For New Album

The new album from Converge titled “No Heroes” has been posted on the Epitaph website here. I’m typically opposed to such preview tracks, as I much prefer being offered a free mp3. The material from the new Converge album does sound good so far. It also sounds strange having much more upscale production, giving a much clearer sound, opposed to the much more intentionally raw production Converge has always used in their past albums. I’ve often considered Converge as having the best raw style production.

A recent album review from the latest Decibel magazine gave the album “No Heroes” by Converge the official “Album Of The Month” status.

All these factors together give me a great sense of anticipation for the new Converge album. I’m unsure of what to expect, as they truly never make the same album twice.

Converge At Epitaph Records


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