Friday, September 29, 2006

Scars Of Tomorrow Post New Track Online

The track titled “The Unwinding” can be found on their MySpace page.

Scars Of Tomorrow certainly has a decent work ethic. They’ve put out an album every year since 2002, and they do tons of touring. Since they don’t yet have an album out for 2006, we’re getting one from them soon.

The sound for Scars Of Tomorrow could be described as taking typically high-energy generally metallic riffs into a mix of spoken word emo style choruses (now more singing on this new streaming song) and chugga style breakdowns with raspy sort of metalcore vocals throughout.

Reviews for the bands albums have generally said the same things, which I tend to agree with. Most reviews say that the Scars Of Tomorrow albums lack a bit in song writing depth, song diversity and originality. If Scars Of Tomorrow could throw a few more creative curve-balls out there, they might be able to move up on those constant support slots on the tours they’ve always done.

Scars Of Tomorrow

Scars Of Tomorrow At Victory Records


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