Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Observations On Trivium

I read many reviews of “Ascendancy” when it first came out, and many rated the album highly. I own “Ascendancy”, and while I actually rarely play it, I would say that the positive attention “Ascendancy” gained was deserved. It was good enough in fact, that many of those hooks and catchy choruses seemed to have caught the attention of the “mallcore” crowd.

I also remember the interviews of Trivium when they first got signed to Roadrunner, and right after Ascendancy was released. They talked about touring, and working hard. Over time, I could see that their record label was attempting to over-hype the band, and then I started reading interviews where band members would talk about things like becoming chart-toppers and seeking world domination. From many accounts, it seems that Trivium have allowed their rock-star status to turn them into people with rock-star attitudes.

It’s truly a shame to see young talented individuals let the hype gt to them, and begin to sacrifice their art (in part) to bend partially to the will of their record label (since it’s been suggested that Roadrunner has interfered with the creation of "The Crusade"), and partially to sell more records.

It’s going to be difficult at this time to try and predict what will happen to Trivium. I’d normally suggest that karma might step in and end their popularity sometime between 2010 and 2013, but I’m not sure I see it coming unless the Trivium clones start pouring out of record labels soon.

What typically goes with rock-stardom more likely will be lineup changes, bad rumours of negative experiences while band members are either drunk or high, and trips to rehab.

Trivium At Roadrunner Records


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