Sunday, October 29, 2006

End Of The Year Candidate - Zyklon: “Disintegrate”

The mixture of black metal and death metal is a relatively new thing created at the turn of the millennium. It’s actually surprising that there haven’t been larger attempts earlier, as the crossover seems like a match made in, hmm, hell?

Zyklon is one such band pioneering the rising genre of black/death along with Behemoth, with Zyklon adding in a hint of industrial now and then. “Disintegrate” sees Zyklon nudging their creative limit a bit further by adding a hint of melody to the guitars every now and then. The vocal range of Secthdaemon has included a high rasp, a low growl and a mid-rang hardcore bark which usually has a hint of a clean sung tone in all it’s harshness. The fiery harsh/clean voice that’s been expanded on in portions as well, and in very fitting ways.

Their first album “Worm Of Worms” was an album where all the songs were built around being fast, and ended up having many of the songs sound too much alike, with their second outing “Aeon” being a slower, and much more adventurous album. “Disintegrate” is much more varied overall in terms of tempo. The industrial elements happen more often than the previous Zyklon albums, but in smaller portions, really bringing everything into a more cohesive whole.

“Disintegrate” is fine representation of new genre for this millennium.


Zyklon At MySpace
Zyklon At Candlelight Records


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