Sunday, November 05, 2006

Checkout Counter: She Killed Poetry

With a band name like She Killed Poetry, one might expect screamo of the most generic standards. Not quite. She Killed Poetry manages to cram many different types of metalcore into a cohesive package which sounds fairly well done. From melodic death metal, to high energy thrash, heavy groove, to a hinting of brutal death metal, the odd jagged Slayer-inspired solo, and emo chords, and some clean sung emo bits all strung together in a cohesive package. Don’t forget those chugga style breakdowns. Bear in mind, you’ve heard it all before, just not all tied together in every song.

I sometimes wonder to myself that by bringing an underground and fairly standard metalcore band to the surface, whether or not I’m actually shortening the lifespan of metalcore in general. As good as some of these new metalcore bands are, is there no limit to how many we need?

She Killed Poetry At MySpace
She Killed Poetry At Imagine Records


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