Thursday, February 01, 2007

Anticipated Release: All Out War

Whenever I listen to “Condemned To Suffer”, All Out Wars 2003 album I can tons of hardcore conviction pouring off, yet the music is heavily influenced by thrash such as Slayer and classic Germanic thrash bands Destruction and Kreator.

All Out War seemed to have problems staying together (like many hardcore bands do) and many fans were hoping for a reunion. Well, wish granted!

For those keeping track of important metalcore bands that pre-date the 90's All Out War can be named among Prayer For Cleansing, Shai Hulud, Poison The Well, Hatebreed, Lamb Of God and Shadows Fall. The main difference that All Out War had between many other metalcore bands was their ferocious attack with their interpretation of what “tough guy” hardcore might sound like if played with metal riffs. With a sea of melodic metalcore clones, deathcore coming up right behind them along with technical metalcore, it’s nice to hear some metalcore focussing on the metallic and brutal portions without quite going in the direction of death metal.

All Out War
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