Saturday, January 27, 2007

Retrospective: Baroness

This has got to be the easiest retrospective article I’ve done so far. Baroness has only 2 EPs out right now, each with only 3 songs. These are long songs mind you, and Baroness makes each one count.

I would describe the “First” EP as a young band taking a stab at finding themselves. The sound is sludgy and tuned down really REALLY low, as some of those guitars get a little out of tune sometimes. Unfortunately the effort isn’t quite focussed on what it wants to be. Sure it’s sludgy, but only as a product of how Baroness plays, not as a direct concept.

The “Second” EP is where Baroness really nails it. The whole thing has a doom/stoner rock vibe going. While the stoner rock variable looks to the 70's, the harsh vocals and very low tuned guitars as well as a stoner interpretation of breakdowns keep things very modern. The whole EP flows seamlessly from start to finish as each track flows into one another for a total of 20 minutes. The term doom can be misleading sometimes, as a genre known for being based around being slow there have been quite a few bands making some faster moments with some of those faster bits coming up on “Second”.

The future for the next Baroness release (which will hopefully be a full length) is looking bright.



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