Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Underground Gem: Susperia - “Predominance” (2001)

Since I just got word that Susperia will be releasing a new album sometime soon, I figured this might be a good time to take a look at one of their old albums since a friend of mine recently picked up Susperias first release.

On our trip to Toronto, I stopped in a used CD store with a good friend of mine Rory. I sold some CDs while Rory got some CDs. Being the fan of Dimmu Borgir that he is, Rory has an interest in Susperia but a large problem has been the difficulty in obtaining their albums in Canada, which is why seeing “Predominance” show up in a used CD store is a little strange but at the same time rewarding.

Susperia has had a good reputation of mixing black metal and thrash, along with stretching those bounds out by doing such things as adding electronics every now and then, and a few odd moments of clean singing. “Predominance” helped to usher in a new era of metal in the new millennium by pushing black metal forward.

I believe that Tjodalv left Dimmu Borgir to focus more time on his family, which might explain why Susperia doesn’t play live too often. That would also explain the lack of promotion in North America.

Susperia At Tabu Records


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