Sunday, January 21, 2007

Album Review: I Killed The Prom Queen - “Music For The Recently Deceased”

One of the miracles of the internet is that people can now much more easily become exposed to different extreme musical scenes around the world. There has been a slight downside to this exposure, and it’s manifesting itself in the way we’re seeing an outpour of generic bands from places we wouldn’t always expect.

I had witnessed Parkway Drive hailing from Australia, and now we have equally American sounding I Killed The Prom Queen who plays something we’ve all heard before, melodic metalcore with clean sung choruses.

The main things that pop out at me are the production. Everything seems well recorded, but I Killed The Prom Queen sounds as though they’re a young band who’s pretty loose, but spent money on lots more studio time to do the takes over and over again so they sound tighter than they really are, and it shows. Despite their efforts, you can tell they haven’t spent enough time practising, not because they’re lazy, but because the band probably hasn’t been around for very long, and probably because the members haven’t been playing their instruments for very long. Of course, compared to a top tier local band, I Killed The Prom Queen would blow most of them away in both the departments of playing ability and song writing skill, but as it’s been observed before, great local bands have to be more than great to be a mediocre signed band.

When those clean sung choruses come along, they’re sung on key. What else can I say? As far as melodic metalcore with clean sung choruses goes, I Killed The Prom Queen didn’t screw up, of course, no cliche is left unturned either. Unearth should write a melodic metalcore how-to manual...


I Killed The Prom Queen (Link current not working)
I Killed The Prom Queen At MySpace
I Killed The Prom Queen At Metal Blade Records


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