Saturday, January 20, 2007

Album Review: Scars Of Tomorrow - “The Failure In Drowning”

I can respect their work ethic, that’s for sure. From being almost complete touraholics, to reportedly being cool guys to hang out with to being able to put out an album every year since 2002, these guys (or pretty much the vocalist, since he’s the only original member left after all the lineup changes) are pretty much willing to do almost whatever it takes to become, uh, a touring metalcore band? I have to question whether or not they want to really hang with the big boys, because to be honest, based on results, if Scars Of Tomorrow want the same level of success as say Killswitch Engage or Poison The Well, but they haven’t come close to attaining it.

I’ve read lots of album reviews over the few years pretty much beating up on Scars Of Tomorrow for being derivative for just about all 5 of their albums. Heck, I gave their 2004 album “Rope Tied To The Trigger” a try, and every song sounded like they were trying to rip off the same Poison The Well song “Rings From Corona” 11 times, and not much has changed for “The Failure In Drowning”, with the exception of getting a new guitarist who can sing, which means we can now have sing-along style choruses.

I’ll do something different than write a standard “generic metalcore” bashing review, instead, I’ll offer some constructive critcism, which I hope in some way finds its way to Scars Of Tomorrow.

Scars Of Tomorrow, you’re work ethic is great! Keep that up! If you want to become as big as the other leaders in metalcore, you shouldn’t clone them, but instead create a sound so unique, people rip off Scars Of Tomorrow, and name your band as an influence. Really, I hope that you guys would put effort into such a creative left turn, that no one would see it coming. All the hard work and effort you guys are able to put forth, you should extend it to the song writing process. History has shown us that bands who “find their voice” and decided to do something different, and become leaders, that those bands rise to the top of their game.

Will my advice find its way to Scars Of Tomorrow or legions of metalcore also-rans? More than likely it won’t. The world is filled with generic bands who think that everything creative in music has already been created, until of course someone who’s willing to create makes something unique and overtakes the uncreative, and leaves them behind.


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