Friday, January 19, 2007

Despised Icon Working On New Album

I knew that Despised Icon had reported previously that they would make a new album, and now their website says they already have the drums recorded. They’ve suggested that the drums on the next album will be faster than ever, which could bring the speed very close to a few of those ultra-fast drummers such as Tim Yeung, Tony Laureano, Derek Roddy, George Kolias, Reno Killerich, Nick Barker, Matte Modin or Hellhammer, to name a few.

I had a prediction at one time that there was soon going to be a deathcore band operating at the same speeds of the extremely fast death metal bands. I’ve heard certain bands work on becoming faster, but I suspected that sometime soon a deathcore band would reach those high levels of drumming speed. Perhaps Despised Icon will be the first to reach that point.

Despised Icon
Despised Icon At MySpace
Despised Icon At Century Media


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