Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Immolation Completes New Album

“Shadows In The Light” is the title of this brand new full length which will be coming out sometime in April though Century Media.

Here’s the track list:

01. Hate's Plague
02. Passion Kill
03. World Agony
04. Tarnished
05. The Weight of Devotion
06. Breathing The Dark
07. Deliverer of Evil
08. Shadows In The Light
09. Lying With Demons
10. Whispering Death

Considering the rise in popularity of death metal lately, the fact that Immolation has been around for a long time, they have a signature sound, and is on a good large record label if these guys wanted to quit their day jobs and focus on being in a touring band they could do it.

Immolation Ay MySpace
Immolation At Century Media (Link Currently Not Working)
Century Media


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