Monday, January 22, 2007

Hate Eternal Sign To Metal Blade Records

This confirms the rumour I heard before that Hate Eternal had finished their contract with Earache.

The news also comes with the announcement that Hate Eternal is working on new material, and will be heading to Erik Rutans Mana Studios in June/July, hopefully for a 2007 release. The timing probably puts Hate Eternal out of the running for getting on Sounds Of The Underground but might just be in time for Ozzfest. Death metal is now bigger than ever thanks to the help and support of the metalcore crowd, and I would love to see a death metal band on Ozzfest, which Metal Blade has the power to do.

Considering how big Hate Eternal got off their last album, I’d love to see them on some big non-death metal tours doing more support slots. Another hope of mine is to hear more non-metal instruments like they did on “I, Monarch”, and also for a re-launched website, and better merch support.

Something else that needs to be done, Hate Eternal needs a new drummer. I’m hoping for Tony Laureano (formerly of Nile) as I’m a fan of his drumming, and his super-fast style would fit in perfectly.

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