Monday, February 12, 2007

Band Feature: Barcode

I had heard a song from Barcodes 2005 album “Showdown” and as I remember I wasn’t too into it (I think it was the production to be honest) but the cover art of people with handguns for heads was pretty cool. Barcode was one of 2 old-school hardcore bands on Nuclear Blast, the other being Agnostic Front. While we don’t know what happened with Nuclear Blast, Barcode is now on Scarlet Records with their new album “Ahead Of The Game” is set and ready to go (with very cool 80's looking cover art).

The mp3 I downloaded from Scarlet Records had very good production, harsh vocals and heavier guitars than you would expect from old-school hardcore, which really helps to modernize the sound. I'll be giving their older album "Showdown" another chance in the mean time.

Barcode At MySpace
Barcode At Nuclear Blast
Barcode At Scarlet Records



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