Sunday, February 11, 2007

Major Changes To Happen Soon At This Website

I’m announcing that we’re going to focus our efforts here a lot more on upcoming releases, recent releases, and output from new/newer bands. It can be difficult sometimes to decide which news item to report, so from now on something that those viewing this website can now count on a bit more is reporting on bands heading to the studio, what they’ve done, track listing, release dates, etc.

I’ll be looking at changing the “Checkout Counter” and “Unsigned Checkout Counter” article names to something else, and offering a bit more release information for the last album for bands featured in those articles. That doesn’t mean that every “Checkout Counter” band has to have a release out recently, the main thing is that I’ve either heard something from a bands last release, or that you can get a link to something you can hear. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to call those former “Checkout Counter” articles yet.

The last thing is that I will be changing the title of the website to reflect the web site address. Nile River might be kind of confusing to some people looking for information about the actual Nile River, and I couldn’t think of a better name at the time. For now, we’ll just be “Extreme-Music Blogspot”.


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