Monday, February 26, 2007

Band Feature: Boris

Boris comes from Japan, and I’ve been hearing more and more about them since they released one of their full-length albums “Pink” in North America in 2005. Recently they collaborated on a project with the members of Sunn O))), and people from some other bands as well recently calling that release “Altar”, but it doesn’t stop there. Boris also did a joint project (currently their most recent) with guitarist Michio Kurihara (of Ghost and White Heaven), calling that outing “Rainbow”. Boris plays extremely slow done doom/ambient, but I’ve heard they make major changes between albums. The changes are difficult to tabulate because Boris releases material so often (up to several full-lengths a year), and I’m sure these collaborations only add to the difficulty of figuring out what Boris has put out.

Boris At MySpace
Boris At Southern Lord



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