Saturday, February 24, 2007

Band Feature: Doom Day

While Doom Day is described by some as an “All-Star Metalcore Band”, the songs I heard would have me classify them more as hardcore with hints of thrash and guitar solos. The four-piece band contains members from many European hardcore and metal bands. The band contains drummer Robin Guy (ex-Bruce Dickinson, The Business), bass player Volcan “Audiocleaner” Tuereli (Jaylan), guiatrist Gizz Butt (ex-The Prodigy, English Dogs) and vocalist Alexander “Shutta” Parvanov (Brothers In Blood, She Was Asking For It, ex-Vendetta).

They just put out their first album titled “Count Your Useless Hours” which was released yesterday through Superhero Records and Count Swell Creek.

The songs I heard from their MySpace page were extremely compelling, offering a slightly different variations on modern metallic hardcore.

Doom Day At MySpace
Count Swell Creek



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