Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ovtavia Sperati New Album Details

Octavia Sperati comes from Norway, and play what’s been described a mix of been described a mix of goth with some doom. They have a new album coming out titled “Grace Submerged” which will be released in Norway on May 10, and Europe on May 21 through Candlelight. Dates for Japan and North America are still pending.

Here is the track list for “Grace Submerged”:

01. Provenance of Hate
02. Deprivation
03. Guilty Am I
04. Don't Believe a Word
05. As Fire Swept Clean the Earth
06. Moonlit
07. Going North
08. ...and Then the World Froze
09. The Final Rest
10. Submerged

Ovtavia Sperati
Ovtavia Sperati At MySpace
Ovtavia Sperati At Candlelight



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