Monday, April 16, 2007

Band Feature: Benea Reach

Wow these guys are different. Benea Reach feature a former Extol member, that member being guitarist Christopher Espevoll. Extol of course gained recognition for pioneering experimental Christian extreme music (in Extols case, that started as black metal). There’s a definite Meshuggah influence going on, which is sandwiched between some post-hardcore like melodies, and some slower Cult Of Luna like moments. Sound like a strange mix? It is, but it works well, as well as the usage of a more traditional verse/chorus format. I’ve heard so much music that eschews verses and choruses that it’s nice to hear something that comes back to familiar parts.

Benea Reach released their latest album “Monument Bineothan” through Candlelight in March. A highly recommended band.

Benea Reach




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