Friday, April 13, 2007

Band Feature: Rosetta

Definitely a band that fits in with Neurosis, Isis and Cult of Luna, the BNR Metal Pages describe Rosetta as being a bit more spacey, which is the best explanation I’ve herd so far.

Rosetta has had some very interesting releases. Their first full-length titled “The Galilean Satelites” was a dual-CD offering, with one portion containing vocals, and the other being a different instrumental affair. The song lengths on both CDs are equal to each other, as the dual-CDs were made to be played in unison. That album came out on Translation Loss in 2005.

Recently Rosetta released a split with Bolboa on Level Plane titled “Project Mercury”. It’s a pretty long split being more than 45 minutes long, and the final title song was actually done by Bolboa and Rosetta together. That came out this year on April 3rd.

Rosetta At MySpace
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Balboa At Level Plane



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