Monday, April 09, 2007

Band Feature: Blutch

The genre of sludge is one that I like a lot, yet I haven’t put a whole lot of effort forth at the more “pure” versions of the genre (since sludge has seeped in and influenced so many heavy bands that play a slow heavy song). Blutch seems to mix in more high dissonant tones, and has a few more moments where they’re atmospheric rather than attempting to crush the listener. The amount of feedback they use reminds some people of Khanate.

Blutch should help fill some of the empty space left by The Abominable Iron Sloth. It appears that last year they released their latest album “Materia” through Delboy, and that At A Loss will re-release the album on April 23.

Blutch At MySpace
Blutch At Metal-Archives
Blutch At Doom-Metal
Blutch At Rockdetector
At A Loss
At A Loss At MySpace

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