Friday, April 06, 2007

Band Feature: Cauldaron

At my regular day job last year, when I was working with a temporary crew, the subject of metal came up to one of the temps there, and we had a good long conversation about music and metal, and he told me that the guitarist from Goat Horn worked under him. Goat Horn was a fun retro metal band that had a doom/thrash mix in sound that hailed from the Toronto area.

Unfortunately while some people were hoping for a new album from Goat Horn in 2005, they broke up. Bass player/vocalist Jason Decay and drummer Al “Altillery” Chambers found a new guitarist, and formed a new band, that band being Cauldron.

Cauldron is a slight bit different from Goat Horn. The influences come from the same period (very early 80's), but Cauldron is much faster than Goat Horn, being based more on classic heavy metal, and the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, and a hint of thrash as well. Cauldron continues the extremely high enjoyability of Goat Horn. Lets hope they land on tour with 3 Inches Of Blood. Highly recommended.

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